English voiceover – HUMAN voice sample

What is VoiceXtra?

Industry leaders and professionals understand that synthetic voice is an integral and powerful tool that’s rapidly gaining acceptance in Audio Description. But synthetic voice production does have its limitations; successful Audio Description requires a higher involvement of the human element because, after all, true accessibility requires humanity.

We present VoiceXtra, an innovative, streamlined AD Synthetic Workflow (ADSW) that seamlessly blends the efficiency of AI and the reliability of the human touch. It’s an organic bridge between human production and elevated synthetic processes. Our service is streamlined to save time in every corner possible in order to focus on quality, making it an invaluable tool for expansive libraries or projects with quick deliverables. For any given program or genre, our extensive voice database has a tone to match that’s as human-like as possible, all the while breaking down international borders and eliminating the possibility of diverse voice shortages.   

But what truly sets this workflow apart from other synthetic voice-generating systems is the attention and care provided by audio engineers during the mixing process.  At OneXtra, our services are built for efficiency without ever losing sight of the enhanced consumer experience. Selecting the highest quality synthetic voices is only half the battle; to ensure the most polished product is delivered, our trained engineers fine-tune all recordings, checking for dialectic precision and phonetic accuracy. From research and development to execution and export, VoiceXtra offers expediency without sacrificing connectivity.