ONEXTRA has years of experience connecting remotely with clients and producing live captions and live simultaneous interpretation in English and French languages.

We offer highly experienced Steno-writers and skilled live interpreters in both English and French for your event, meeting, or live conference. Our operators can log-in remotely and offer streaming captioning links for your viewer.

We assign a dedicated project manager and live support team to your event, and they will work with you to ensure a smooth experience.

Once the event is completed, transcripts will be available directly from the event captions.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to:  
Let us know the dates of your event, language coverage required, and if you need live translation between languages. Or call 1-833-663-9872 x4

High Accuracy

We use industry standard accuracy control systems to monitor our compliance to CRTC mandated quality standards. Our accuracy rate is one of the highest in the industry. We work with the best talents in the business.

Live Captioning 

Live Captioning or real-time captioning is created as an event takes place. A captioner instantaneously transcribes the spoken words to text using specialized software and equipment. 

Captions, composed of text, are used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access content delivered by spoken words and sounds (news, sports, governmental proceedings, and other content as well as live streaming of events and meetings on the web). Captions can also benefit individuals who understand the written better than the spoken words of the language in which a presentation is delivered as well as people who are viewing the program in a noisy (e.g., airport or sports bar) or noiseless (e.g., a work cubicle) environment. 

Remote live captions are produced at a remote location and then transmitted to the site where the program is taking place. For example, in a lecture hall an instructor can talk into a microphone that is connected via telephone lines to a captioner in a different city. From that location, the captioner, using similar equipment as described above, transmits the captioned text via the internet, using special software, to a laptop in the lecture hall- or to a laptop in a student’s home, if they are unable to attend the lecture in person. 

The CRTC requires 100% of live broadcasts to be live captioned from 6 AM to 12 midnight every day. It is also becoming a common practice for live events and corporate meetings to be real-time captioned on site or remotely to provide a more inclusive experience to all audiences. 

Live Interpretation 

Live Interpretation is highly utilized service for both unilingual and bilingual live events. 
Simultaneous live interpretation allows the audience to enjoy a conference in their own spoken language of choice. Live interpretation can be mixed in with floor-language and provided a single English and a single French audio stream for the audience to choose from. It can also serve as a bases of multi-lingual live captioning services. 

Live Webinars 

Webinars (web streaming) are a modern way to reach a wider audience over the Internet in real-time, and to ensure the speaker’s message is transmitted on every level, from the local to the international. Technology now exists and was streamlined during the pandemic lockdown to conduct a fully accessible global meeting.