We are safely open for business

We hope your 2021 is progressing nicely and thought we would drop a little update here with regards to our facilities and working plans.

Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in Toronto and most people are working from home still. In the meantime, Onextra has been working hard to ensure that a safe environment is available to everybody who will enter our facilities once restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, we will continue working uninterrupted and at full capacity for all our existing and new customers.

Thank you.


In anticipation of a level of relaxation to the current Covid-19 rules in coming months, Onextra has taken steps to create a back-to-work plan, maintaining the required level of social distancing and providing physical safety measures to ensure the health of all staff and visitors.

Basic Screening

All visitors and employees will undergo a brief basic at door screening process.
Sign document stating no symptoms, no contact with known Covid 19 patient and record current temperature showing no fever.

Office Spacing

Having recently expanded our facilities, Onextra was able to reconfigure the active workspaces at both of our facilities, allowing for maximum distance between desks and workspaces.

Perspex Screening

Onextra has designed and fitted Perspex dividers between workspaces and fitted an extended height standing screen at reception.

Hand cleaner and cleaning materials

Hand sanitizer and cleaning materials are readily available, and a schedule has been established for all common touch points, and screens in the office space.

Newly built – divided offices

Onextra has created 2 new office rooms from existing open space.

Kitchen space for multiple employees

Limit to the number of employees in the kitchen or common areas at one-time, to allow for sufficient personal space. New policy posted in all areas.

Continued work from home policies for some employees

Onextra recognizes the benefits of employees who can work from home and will continue to allow chosen numbers of people the ability to continue to do so after a return to work, within the needs of the business.

Staggered shifts and working patterns

Newly implemented 3 x daily shift system minimizes the amount of contact between 3 layers of the business.

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We hope your 2021 is progressing nicely and thought we would drop a little update here with regards to our facilities and working plans. Covid-19