Why Choose Onextra?

Working with Onextra is like dealing with the smartest of your friends. Our talented and solutions-oriented team handles your projects promptly and seamlessly to deliver accurate solutions at fair rates and in a timely manner 365 days a year. They have your back, no matter what, and will manage rush requests, and troubleshoot efficiently whenever necessary. This is why top names in the industry trust us with their media accessibility needs.

Our services

Broadcast Captioning

Closed captions are a text version of the spoken words and the written descriptions of music, sound effects.

Audio Description

Audio description, also called described video, is the audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements that may be essential to understanding the plot inserted within natural pauses in dialogue.

AI Infused Workflow

ONEXTRA has invested heavily into future proof AI infused technology to stay on the cutting edge.


ONEXTRA delivers timed-text and audio description files in both standard and extend AD to all media streaming platforms.

Web Accessibility Documents

Media accessibility standards include WCAG compliance for media accessibility, which mandates organizations to remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Live Events

ONEXTRA has years of experience connecting remotely with clients and producing live captions and live simultaneous interpretation in English and French languages.

Localization Services

Localization services are provided through creating timed text and audio descriptions in local languages, utilizing local talent and knowledge.

We work with North America’s largest broadcasters, content producers and distributors.

Quality & Service

We pride ourselves on offering market leading service for our clients and offer a 100% quality guarantee on all our work.


Our teams have decades of combined accessibility services provision to the Canadian Broadcast industry. We also have access to the latest greatest accessibility toolsets and software to enable the highest quality work.


ONEXTRA is Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certified, meaning we have passed rigorous security and penetration tests to ensure the security of current and pre-release content. Our teams follow very specific working procedures to handle any outside content.